DSGN — The Best Design and Development Conferences to Attend in 2018

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The Best Design and Development Conferences to Attend in 2018

Who doesn’t love great design and development conferences and community events, right? They’re a great source of learning, getting up to speed on best practices and trends, and networking with fellow designers and developers.

Here’s a list of events that should be on your radar in 2018. Make sure you save the dates on your agenda and put some business cards in your pocket before your next trip!

1. The Web Conference

April 23 – 27 ✈ Lyon, France

The International World Wide Web Conference Committee (IW3C2), is the organization that manages The Web Conference (former WWW Conference) series. This series aims to provide the world a premier forum for discussion and debate about the evolution of the Web, the standardization of its associated technologies, and the impact of those technologies on society and culture.

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2. React Finland

April 24 – 26 ✈ Helsinki, Finland

React Finland combines the Finnish React community with international flavor. The first of its kind in Finland, the event consists of a workshop day and two days of talks around the topic.

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3. Generate

April 25 – 27 ✈ New York, USA

Generate conferences are a source of inspiration, education and networking opportunities. Our shows are packed with top advice from world-class speakers.

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4. Front End Design Conference

April 25 – 27 ✈ St. Petersburg – Florida, USA

Front End Design Conference is two days of immersive web design and front end development delivered via keynote style talks. There is also a day of more in-depth workshops thrown in for good measure.

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5. Upfill Conf

April 26 – 27 ✈ Bern, Switzerland

Learn about the latest trends in frontend web technologies in an inspiring, open environment. Meet and connect with our speakers and other like-minded, passionate developers.

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6. ScaleConf Colombia

April 27 – 28 ✈ Medellin, Colombia

ScaleConf Colombia is a non-profit language-agnostic conference organized by volunteers to bring knowledge on scalability, distributed systems, DevOps and modern software tools to the community.

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7. Codemotion Amsterdam

May 8 – 9 ✈ Amsterdam, Netherlands

The largest tech conference for developers! 2-day event open to all languages and technologies.

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8. PyCon

May 9 – 17 ✈ Cleveland, OH, USA

The largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language. It is produced and underwritten by the Python Software Foundation, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing and promoting Python.

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9. Awwwards SF

May 10 – 11 ✈ San Francisco, CA, USA

Every year Awwwards holds conferences in different iconics cities all over the world, from Los Angeles, New York and London and to Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris our events unite the best agencies and thought leaders in the world of digital design.

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10. PHP Day

May 11 – 12 ✈ Verona, Italy

PHP day is aimed to IT managers, developers and innovators. Each year it renews the opportunity to link to new business partners.

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11. ReasonConf

May 11 – 13 ✈ Vienna, Australia

World’s first Reason conference for web-developers & OCaml enthusiasts. This conference is aiming for a well-balanced schedule with a practical, social and theoretical context.

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12. ReactEurope

May 17 – 18 ✈ Paris, France

ReactEurope conference aims to give talks that inspire and explore new futuristic ideas dealing with all the techs we enjoy from the React ecosystem such as React.js, React Native, GraphQL, Relay, Universal apps, ReasonML, Webpack, inline CSS and more.

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13. HolyJS 2018 Piter

May 19 – 20 ✈ St. Petersburg, Russia

More than 500 JS developers will be brought together to discuss the present and future of JavaScript community with the world’s leading experts like Douglas Crockford, Lea Verou, Azat Mardan, Gerard Sans, Minko Gechev, Vitaly Friedman — dozens of frontend talks and much more. We’ll dwell on both backend and desktop.

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14. OFFF Barcelona

May 24 – 26 ✈ Barcelona, Spain

OFFF is a community inviting all those who are eager to learn to participate and get inspired in a three-day journey of conferences, workshops, activities and performances. What is it about exactly? It’s a combination of Offline/Online designers, Motion Designers, Thinkers, Sound Designers, Graphic Designers, Theorists, Developers, Professionals, Students… Putting the titles aside, OFFF is made for the curious.

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15. Design Thinkers

May 29 – 30 ✈ Vancouver, Canada & October 24 – 25 ✈ Toronto, Canada

DesignThinkers, Canada’s only annual conference for visual communicators, is a must-attend for informed, forward-thinking creative communications and design professionals. At this inspiring two-day event that takes place in Toronto and Vancouver, we offer in-depth analyses of trends and best practices in branding, design thinking, design management, communications technologies and user experience with a range of opportunities to exchange ideas with colleagues, new and old.

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16. CSS Conf EU

1 June ✈ Berlin, Germany

CSSconf EU is a one-day, one-track community conference that unites world-class speakers, top-notch engineers & web designers, and many more with an affinity for CSS in Berlin, Germany.

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17. Pixel Pioneers Bristol

8 June ✈ Bristol, UK

A one-day conference of practical and inspiring talks, featuring eight world-class speakers, preceded by a choice of two full-day workshops, plus side events.

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18. pitercss_conf

June 8 – 9 ✈ St. Petersburg, Russia

The first international front-end conference in Russia.

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19. Fluent

June 11 – 14 ✈ San Jose, CA, USA

Fluent covers a broad range of technologies and topics to provide web programming professionals with the skills, connections, and inspiration needed to build better online and mobile experiences.

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20. WordCamp Europe

June 14 – 16 ✈ Belgrade, Serbia

WordCamp Europe is a global WordPress conference held in a different European city each year. WCEU 2018 will be held in Belgrade, Serbia.

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21. An Event Apart Boston

June 25–27 ✈ Boston, MA, USA

An Event Apart Boston is two days of sessions from 12 speakers with intense focus on digital design, UX, content, code, and more. Following the two-day conference comes a full day, A Day Apart, with a single speaker diving deeply into one important topic.

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22. Smashing Conference Toronto

June 26 – 27 ✈ Toronto, Canada

What’s the best way to learn? By observing designers and developers working live. For our new conference in Toronto, all speakers aren’t allowed to use any slides at all. Welcome SmashingConf #noslides, a brand new conference in Toronto, full of interactive live sessions, showing how web designers design and how web developers build — including setup, workflow, design thinking, naming conventions and everything in-between.

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23. Ampersand

June 29 ✈ Brighton, UK

Ampersand brings together experts from all aspects of web typography, including branding and editorial designers, web developers, visual designers, browser makers, and type designers.

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24. Design & Content Conference

July 25 – 27 ✈ Vancouver Canada

Designers and content strategists team up. Hear from industry leaders about crafting experiences and telling stories that shape the future of the web. A day of workshops, two days of talks, and thoughtful extras in one of the most beautiful cities, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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25. An Event Apart Washington DC

July 30 – August 1 ✈ Washington DC, USA

An Event Apart Washington DC: Special Edition is a three-day conference with 18 sessions and an intense focus on digital design, UX, content, code, and more.

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26. That Conference

August 6 – 8 ✈ Wisconsin Dells, WI, USA

A tech conference for developers, rooted in community, exploring the internet of things, and all technologies used for mobile, web & cloud. It all happens at a giant waterpark, because we are strong believers in good times. There will be bacon. Lots of it.

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27. LaraCon EU

August 29 – 31 ✈ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Laracon EU is a unique international Laravel event with over 750 attendees. The conference has multiple tracks and is focusing on in-depth technical talks. Come learn about the state of the industry while networking with like-minded and diversely experienced developers.

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28. Refresh

September 7 ✈ Tallinn, Estonia

Refresh is a one day product, design and front-end conference that provides fresh inspiration for creating better products on the web. For the fourth time, on September 7th 2018, Refresh will bring to Tallinn 20 international speakers on 3 tracks and 600+ curious professionals.

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29. Loupe

September 20 – 21 ✈ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Loupe is a brand new design conference by Framer, in the heart of Amsterdam.

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30. WebExpo

September 21 – 22 ✈ Prague, Czech Republic

WebExpo is Central Europe’s largest conference dedicated to the web. It’s a must-attend event for anyone whose business is the web and wants to stay up-to-date.

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31. Front in BH

September 23 ✈ Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The Front in BH was created in order to professionalize the market assisted by talks for the formation of more critical and skilled professionals. The Front in BH has a pioneer approach in issues of common interest in development, design, metrics, audience and related areas through renowned speakers in the front-end development industry in Brazil and abroad.

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32. Design Matters 18

September 26 – 27 ✈ Copenhagen, Denmark

Design Matters is a place for inspiring, competent, visionary, nerdy, engaging talks, workshops and discussions about the work and role of digital designers now and in the future. For the fourth time, we bring together design practitioners from around the world for two days of design talks, workshops, discussions and socializing in Copenhagen.

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33. ReactJS Day

October 5 ✈ Verona, Italy

ReactJS Day is a full-day conference on React.js, the library developed by Facebook and Instagram to create fast and reusable user interfaces. The conference is organized by GrUSP, the organizers of jsDay, in partnership with FEVR.

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34. AngularConnect

November 6 – 7 ✈ London, United Kingdom

Europe’s largest Angular conference. On top of a world-class selection of speakers there will be quality workshops, games, great food and drink and masses of opportunities to connect with the Google core Angular team and the Angular community.

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35. dotCSS

November 8 ✈ Paris, France

The largest CSS conference in Europe – 5th edition. Come see the best developers worldwide speak on the most beautiful stages Paris has to offer.

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36. DotJS

8 – 9 Nov, 2018 ✈ Paris, France

The largest JavaScript conference in Europe. Come see the best developers worldwide speak on the most beautiful stages Paris has to offer.

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37. ColdFront

November 13 – 15 ✈ Copenhagen, Denmark

A holistic conference about the future outlook for front-end and interfaces in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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38. Pixel Pioneers Belfast

November 23 ✈ Belfast, Ireland

Pixel Pioneers is a new series of events, featuring world-class advice from the brightest minds in digital design and front-end development, at a price you can afford, especially if you work in a small agency, are a freelancer or a student and at the beginning of your career.

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39. DevTernity

November 30 – December 1 ✈ Riga, Latvia

DevTernity is the top tech conference in Europe. We turn developers into architects and engineering leaders since 2015. We focus on the core principles of software architecture clean code and technical leadership.

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40. An Event Apart San Francisco

December 10 – 12 ✈ San Francisco, CA, USA

An Event Apart San Francisco is two days of sessions from 12 speakers with intense focus on digital design, UX, content, code, and more. Following the two-day conference comes a full day, A Day Apart, with a single speaker diving deeply into one important topic.

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Looking for more events? I have another list of design and development conferences which I keep up to date.